ASP Mission Trip

Appalachia Service Project - Mission Trip, June 2015

In June 2015, Covenant sent 3 adults and 3 youth to Jonesville, Virginia to participate in an ASP mission trip.  They were given the task of roofing a mobile home to stop the leaks that frequently occurred.  After several days of figuring out what to do, by Thursday night they had all the roofing laid.  That night it rained.  The homeowner told the team she didn't even know it had rained until we told her it had and she saw the puddles outside. The team then finished up the edges and completed the job by lunch time!

The family we worked with was a delight to meet and get to know.  They made us sweet tea and drew us pictures as we worked with them that week.  In the evenings, we spent time getting to know each other and the other churches that joined us in Jonesville.  The team thanks everyone for their prayer and support.

Jonesville ASP Team:
Greg Hanchon, Zach Hanchon, Emily Hart,
Johanna Honore, Nick Potter and Jenna Swiertz


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