Veterans' Dinners

Veterans’ Outreach Dinner

Too many of the heroes who served our country with pride and honor end up at home falling on hard times. The goal of the James A. Peterson Veterans’ Village and SC Johnson Community Center is to assist homeless and at-risk returning veterans by providing them with shelter, food, clothing, and other basic needs as they transition to civilian life.

The tiny homes, located at 1624 Yout St., are sized for one person and fitted with a loft bed,  table and chair as well as a small fridge, microwave, T.V. and Keurig brewer. Residents have free access to a large pantry in the SC Johnson Community Center which also has showers, bathrooms, laundry, DVD and large T.V., computers, visiting, exercise, counseling and game rooms.

The basic needs mentioned above go beyond housing. Skilled, respectful, and compassionate staff offer residents the tools necessary to move from a subsidized life to independence and autonomy, e.g. group therapy for PTSD and addictions, work training and job searches, V.A. benefit procurement, as well as personal and financial counseling.

The veterans are responsible for house-cleaning, general laundry and yard work. They take turns cooking for their community on weekdays, so the prospect of a delicious Sunday dinner prepared for them by Covenant’s skilled chefs is something delightful to anticipate. Shannon Goodman, the Village Coordinator, asks that the chefs stay for dinner, sitting with and conversing with the veterans. Our dear vets need the event to be social, special, and all about them.

All Covenant members are invited to participate.  We would like to invite Covenant members, especially  veterans, to attend our dinners (no cooking duties or clean up) to share a meal and share experiences. Contact Candy Lively (262-995-3991) if you plan to attend. You are cordially invited!

The next Veterans' Outreach Meal is on Sunday, June 30, 4:30pm. 

Donations are needed to pay for the food.  There is a collection box in the Gathering Space prior to the meals for giving.  To designate your gift for the Veterans' Outreach Meal please use an envelope and note that.


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