Children's Ministry


Any child age 2 and under may go to the Nursery downstairs, before or during the 10:00 a.m. service.

In Worship

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY BAGS AND DOODLE PADS as well as CHILDREN’S BOOKS are available in the Gathering Space.

New Plan for Sunday School 2016-2017

The Christian Formation Committee is excited to announce a new format and plan for our Sunday School this year.  We look forward to giving our children the opportunity to experience discipleship in many ways – in class, worship, sacraments, service, music and fellowship, all of which enrich and encourage our Christian journey.

There are 36 Sundays in a Sunday School year.  Next year, 20 of those Sunday’s will be in a classroom experience.  Here are the highlights of what those classrooms will look like:

* Dedicated rooms for each grade level (3 year olds-5 year olds; 1st-3rd grade; 4th-6th grade). 

* Each class will have a team of 3 teachers who will each teach 6 classes.

* Pastor Jenny will adapt curriculum into simple, streamlined lesson plans that are age appropriate.

* A few volunteers who gather all the supplies and set up the classrooms for teachers each week.

* Newsletters for each unit for families with material for parents, including activities for families to use during the week.

* Teacher enrichment offerings.

The biggest change next year will be the offering of Specialty Days.  There will be four different kinds of Specialty Days and each will happen 3 times during the year.

1. Communion Sundays – children will stay in worship with adults for a service designed with them in mind (special bulletins, activity pages, a different kind of sermon).  These Sundays will be worshipful for all ages and give our children the opportunity to get more familiar with worshipping.  We will offer a class in the fall for any families who would like to attend before their child participates in communion. 

2. Service Sundays – children will work together on hands-on service projects to benefit the community and/or church. Projects may include – packing lunch or toiletry bags; making blankets; making cards for home bound/soldiers/sick members; making and decorating cookies for 2nd Sunday OR to take to a nursing home; cooking soup/casseroles to freeze for sick/homebound; etc.

3. Music Sundays – children will have the opportunity to learn the music of our faith – seasonal hymns, old standard hymns, Bible kids songs, etc.

4. Intergenerational Teaching/Sharing – children will get to experience fellowship with a large variety of the adults in our congregation.  We’d like to recruit members of the congregation to share something special about which they are passionate or plan an activity to share with the children.


* Craft/Hobby Day – 3-5 people share their craft/hobby – how they got started, what/who inspires them, what they’ve done to get better, any connection to faith

* Service Passion Day – 3-5 people share about an experience of service (once or ongoing) that has had an effect on their lives

* Favorite Bible Verse/Passage Day – 3-5 people share their favorite part of scripture – why, what effect has it had, how old were you when you first learned it, plus short lesson with music/coloring/memorizing/etc.

* Cooking Together - making something special (maybe from your heritage or a family tradition) and eating it together


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